1. Introduction

Through this privacy policy, emplear.me se compromete a respetar y proteger los datos personales de sus usuarios conforme al artículo 10 of the Decree 1377 of 2013, regulatory law 1581 of 2012, protection of personal data. emplear.me not communicate any data of its users to third parties unless it has received explicit permission to do so. Please note that emplear.me considers absolutely priority to protect data and its use according to the wishes of its customers, members and visitors.

Emplear.me enables the contact form para alguna duda o comentario al respecto.

2. Data collected and preserved

Pursuant to article 12 STATUTORY law 1581 OF 2012 informs users that the data collected during the registration are suitable, relevant and not excessive in relation to the scope, purposes and certain services, explicit and legitimate of emplear.me, using it for:

Communicate job offers that match your profile (Alert e-mail).

Comunicarle información respecto a eventuales servicios nuevos y/o actualizaciones del sitio en Internet emplear.me, especially through direct marketing.

Communicate your profile and/or your resume to the suppliers employment and/or potential recruiters.

To post your resume on the web of emplear.me, employers will have access to personal data that leave visible in your profile description or in the file of life that can optionally upload. Otherwise, employers will not have access to your personal data and will only contact you through a contact form, that of be completed, send an email to the email with which recorded his resume.

In order to carry out statistics and/or improve its services, emplear.me you may also obtain certain information (anonymous) with respect to the use that you make of the site on the Internet emplear.me (by ej.: pages visited, used services, access time, etc.).

emplear.me allows you to perform a job search without having to provide personal information.

However, certain areas require personal data (name, last name, address, email, phone number) to permit identification of the user and manage registrations. In any case, the user can always decide to unsubscribe from the portal and completely delete the data registered in the same.

With the acceptance of the terms of use and the privacy policy, the user grants express and unequivocal consent to the processing of personal data, as well as, the transfer of the same to third parties, both focused on the realization of the services of the portal of emplear.me, within the framework established by the legislation in force. Understanding by third parties 'businesses, Organizations or associations that use emplear.me portal for search and selection of candidates".

Note: At all times, You can refuse, free of charge and without justification, who will treat your personal data for marketing purposes direct failing to unsubscribe from the site or by contacting us by writing to the contact form.

3. Treatment of data

To ensure that its services, emplear.me can communicate your information to subcontractors in order to secure certain benefits such as accommodation on web servers, the analysis of data, the customer service, or payment by credit card transactions. These subcontractors will only have limited access to your personal data and will not share that information with third parties.

Emplear.me is hosted by a2hosting, USA - Southfield, Michigan and used as payment to PayU Latam platform. The personal data of the users are kept securely.

You can also check our terms and Conditions.