Labour metamorphosis

Labour metamorphosis on your first day of work

The metamorphosis of labour is one of the situations that generated more expectations but also uncertainty in the life of a human being, It happens when we have our first experience and got to the first day of work. At that time we arrived as a small Caterpillar that lies in its cocoon, shy and analyzing everything that we see.


With slow pace we are listening to each head of Department in an induction process that attempts to insert ourselves quickly to the Organization through a wealth of information that barely we understand.

In this bare initial we begin to have contact with those characters that will be our coworkers, finding a diversity of personalities which are not used to dealing in a single environment, interacting with: (the positive, the critic, the Discussant, the hassle, the big mouth, the ready, the rogue, the grid, the quiet one, funny, the Organizer, the incompetent, among other spices of this enterprise forest).

Work day

But really, where we are aware that even we are in the bud, It is when the time comes for lunch. It is that moment still feel isolated, not knowing how to break the ice of the first contact, as we sit not alone, Noting that small groups that usually share the same tastes have been formed, ideologies and even dining room chairs.

But what is the estimated time so labor metamorphosis is rapid and harmonious with the working environment?

Not finding you, with the passing of the days and the capacity that you generate empathy and socialization with your coworkers, they will be key to the come out of the cocoon of the initial introversion and begin to develop your own wings that allow you to move with agility, dynamism and sync with your new working environment. And don't forget to always maintain the best approach the challenges that new jobs. It wants to expand topics related to the positive attitude to see the following blog: How important is to have a positive attitude?

How was the experience in your working day?

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  1. Cintia Edelmira Rodriguez on Reply

    Almost whenever I start to work in a company, at the beginning, I feel a little isolated from the Group, but then I'm attaching me to everyday living at that time.

  2. Olver Castle on Reply

    Experiences between a company and another are different even though the induction process are basically the same, but this difference lies mainly in people and their coexistence, which will situations of companionships and on other occasions of rejection bring.

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