The labor time thieves

Thieves of the labour time how to detect them?

New technologies not only help improve the way as we manage our time but to promote the labor time robbers that impact negatively on organizations. Very common is that in the current business context, We find more and more full of work and new responsibilities requiring to be concentrated and attentive to the organizational changes. This dynamic tends to be even stronger when the companies are in globalized markets, raising the level of commitment, competitiveness and professionalism by the collaborators, determined by a key resource increasingly scarce but necessary, that is incredibly "our time".

Weather It is a resource which we consider inexhaustible, because we live with it in a way permanently and that only begin to appreciate it when we observe that day us fails to fulfill all the tasks and job duties. Coupled with this situation they are thieves of time gradually begin to steal up to your family space, do you take work to your own home.

ThievesAnd in which moments are thieves of the labor time?

It is our responsibility to be vigilant to capture the different situations that encourage the theft of time and that you've probably experienced some of them, like for example:

  • When we give priority to the urgent and not important tasks in our work plan.
  • When do not establish limits and spaces for communication with our fellow distracting us with trivial issues in working hours.
  • When we do not appropriate use of the technology and the becomes us a frequent element of leisure (Social networks, chat, the cellular among others).
  • When we scatter by being more attentive to the rumors and gossip of Hall.
  • When we lose interest in our work.
  • When fail to separate personal and/or family conflicts of the labour.

Remember also to coworkers thieves of our working time can become. For the above, We invite you to see the following blog: Coworkers Burger!!

From the above, which think they are thieves frequently in your work?

Tell us.

6 thoughts on & ldquo;Thieves of the labour time how to detect them?& ldquo;

  1. Katherine Narvaez on Reply

    In my view social networks are the main cause today lose productive time in enterprises, therefore spends people stuck the 24 hours gossiping the lives of others.

  2. Adalberto Castellanos on Reply

    This theme would be great to the people where I work to see him, because the time that is lost is a lot for not having defined the priorities of the day.

  3. Pedro Navia on Reply

    Social networks take too long , in my work play it block them by that vivian employees stuck all day and not gave priority to work

  4. Yesica Alvarez on Reply

    Everyone is talking about social networks, but leave aside the lack of education in the administration of the time and to be more productive.

  5. David Murcia on Reply

    The important thing is to define goals and objectives, with estimates of actual times and monitoring of developments. As long as a person meets with their projects, with the remaining time you can do what you want. Why some large companies have facilities such as gyms and games

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