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Visit to medical oncologists, radiation therapists,Heads of units of oncology nurses, Auditors of high cost, insurance payers, E.P.S . Pre - paid medicine, Social enterprises of the State and private clinics.
Visit heads of purchase of Oncology Unit customers to determine customer needs and business opportunities for the different products of promotion of the company promoted indications, available in the market Colombian.
It will support academic meetings focused on the updating of targets specialists for the unit of Oncology and related specialties involved in the comprehensive care of the cancer patient.
Support and/or develop business plans focused on the achievement of the goals set by the business unit and company.
Monitor the office timely of them products of promotion in the different units for the patients of Oncology new and in treatment .
Promote meetings with chemicals, Regents of units of Oncology on management right of the products.
Open market to a new Oncology product.

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About E-management SAS

Company founded in the year 1993 by the psychologist Juliana Trujillo Rojas who focused their interests professional in the field organizational initially of the sector banking, Today we are 17 people nationwide who support the needs of human resources management of our customers who today become more of 300 and of all sizes and sectors in services as: Evaluation and selection of talents, Head Hunters, Outplacement, Management coaching, Consultancy organizational specifically in curve wage, Management of the knowledge, According to the Norma Internacional competency model, Organizational climate and training and tailor-made training programmes.


We evaluate and develop the skills of human talent to give our clients the security of having suitable persons favoring the business productivity and stay in the market.

We work to find the best practices in the management of human talent and offer our customers innovation and the development of knowledge of tip than with our escort, contribute to the achievement of your business objectives.

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