Automatically publishes your job offers

Don't waste time, automatically publishes your job offers. Si tienes una página web con ofertas publicadas, ¡puedes incluir tus ofertas en!. It is very simple:

  1. It creates an XML file according to the format specified below.
  2. It sends the URL that hosts (Example: through our contact form indicándonos el nombre de usuario de tu empresa registrada previamente en

Tus ofertas serán introducidas diaria y automáticamente en

If you have any questions do not hesitate in get in touch with us


These are the instructions to generate a XML feed to include your listings on If you need more information about the XML format we recommend that you check the Wikipedia.

The encoding of the file must be in UTF-8.

El archivo XML contendrá un etiqueta principal <;emplearme>; que recogerá un conjunto de avisos representado por bloques de etiquetas <;ad>;<;/ad>;. Cada bloque <;ad>;<;/ad>; contiene los campos.


Los campos obligatorios son el conjunto de etiquetas XML que proporcionan la cantidad mínima de información necesaria para que nuestros sistemas incluyan tus ofertas en

  • ID: The offer on your website ID (It can be numeric or alphanumeric, but it must be unique, Since we use it to avoid duplicate listings).
  • title: Title of the offer (It should be completely related to the offer, It cannot contain the name or the URL of your website).
  • content: Description of the offer of employment (minimum of 30 characters). Remember that how much richer is the description, the greater your audience!
  • location: The location of the job offer.
  • email: Email where the nominations of interested users will reach you.
  • salary: El salario a pagar.


Publish your offers with only the mandatory fields where you do not have the optional. Optional fields not be added if they are not contained. But if you have these fields in your web page, do not hesitate to include them in your feed.

  • category: Categoría de la ofertas de empleo y estudio. (for example: Administration - Office, social Sciences, Scientific - research, Calls for Study, Address - management, Design - media - art, Economics - accounting, Education, Hotels and Tourism, Computing, Engineering - technical, Legal - advice, Marketing - sales, Medicine - health, Others, Human Resources).
  • type: Textual information on working time (for example: From home, Freelance, Halftime, For hours, Practices, Temporal, Full time).

The XML feed will thus be:

<;?XML version ="1.0" encoding ="UTF-8"?>;
<;use me>;



<;/use me>;

Example XML feed

<;?XML version ="1.0" encoding ="UTF-8"?>;
<;use me>;


    <;title>;<;![CDATA[PHP graphic designer]]>;<;/title>;
    <;content>;<;![CDATA[Graphic designer with expertise and management corel. Illustrator .art cam. Rino. availability of rotating shifts, from Monday to Saturday work under pressure]]>;<;/content>;

    <;location>;<;![CDATA[Bogotá, Colombia]]>;<;/location>;
    <;email>;<;![CDATA[      xxxx@xxx.xx      ]]>;<;/email>;
    <;salary>;<;![CDATA xxx xx xx $ (with incentives)]]>;<;/salary>;

    <;type>;<;![CDATA[Full time]]>;<;/type>;
<;/use me>;